Contracting services – Ashburton and Mid Canterbury Contracting

Providing a wide range of Contracting services to Mid Canterbury

Our experienced Contracting team provide a wide range of Contracting services to Ashburton and Mid Canterbury. 

We are always available to come on site to discuss your Contracting requirements and work out the best solution for you and manage your project until completion 

Air Curtain Burner

The Air Curtain Burner is utilised to minimise waste going to the landfill.  This is reducing the carbon footprint of the company with low transport cost out of the area.  This item of plant has full resource consent for greenwaste and other suitable material such as untreated timber. 

Mole Plough – Worldwide Patented Technology

The mole plough was developed by Greg Donaldson to supply a quicker, more cost-effective way of installing services in the ground.  This has proven to be a popular way of getting the job done with minimal ground disturbance for electrical cables, water pipe and fibre installation.

Contracting Services

Specialising in: Siteworks (residential, commercial & civil), Excavation, Demolition, Heavy Haulage Transport, Heavy Supply Transport, Directional Drilling and Utility Detection.

  • Clearing / levelling sites 
  • Foundations 
  • Drainage 
  • Soak holes 
  • Water connections 
  • Sewer connections 
  • Sub divisions 
  • Driveways (chip seal & hotmix)   
  • Shingle supplies  
  • Cart away rubbish / unwanted material 
  • Root raking 
  • Ripping 
  • Concrete / rock breaking 
  • Augering holes 
  • Grading 
  • Trenching 
  • Laying cables 
  • Laying fibre 
  • Irrigation 
  • Traffic Management 
  • Consented land fills 
  • Vehicle entrances – rural and urban 
  • Heavy Haulage / Transporter with 50 ton winch (all types of vehicles / machinery) 
  • Shingle supplies  
  • Rock cartage 
  • Bulk water transport for fires etc 
  • Bulk cartage of all materials 
  • Locating underground services such as:
    – water
    – power
    – fibre
    – phone
    – buried tanks
    – soak holes
    – trenches 
  • Also use ground penetrating radar which can detect trench lines or where the ground has been disturbed up to 5 metres deep 
  • Assessment 
  • Arrange a quote for asbestos assessment / removal 
  • Commercial Building 
  • House 
  • Garage 
  • Shed 
  • Provide information on ensuring power is disconnected, meter is removed, water disconnected, and sewer capped. 
  • Removal of demolition material to consented pits and disposal areas 
  • Dust suppression  
  • Traffic Management as required 
  • Drill ducts under gardens, driveways, roads, creeks (trenchless installation) 
  • Does not disturb the ground above 
  • Power cable and duct 
  • Irrigation pipe up to 400mm 
  • Hydrovac services 


  • Install power cables underground can be bedded or un-bedded 
  • Fibre network installs 
  • Install up to 150mm water pipe 
  • Clearing sites 
  • Lime capping 
  • Grading tracks / lanes 
  • Tree work 
  • Mulching 
  • Shingle supplies 
  • Irrigation 
  • Power design / installation 
  • Services (water, sewer) 
  • Land preparation 
  • Drainage 
  • Offal pits 
  • Cleaning races 
  • Soak holes 
  • All types of farm maintenance and development 
  • Effluent storage and ponds 
  • Stock water 
  • Irrigation 
  • GPS Projects 
  • As builts